m o d e l    m a n i f e s t o

My name is Tilley; I am a musician, writer & artist who also has a passion for modelling for art, life drawing, fashion, and photography.  I love working with photographers & artists who have a fantastic eye, interesting or unique aesthetic or ideas, are adventurous and passionate about their art. 

 I have recently moved to Melbourne, parting sadly from my usual photographers & art collaborators back in Tasmania... so I am looking for both normal modelling work as well as creative & unusual photographers/artists to make fantastic art with.  

I enjoy strange situations, unusual locations (yeah, your generic abandoned buildings and graffiti filled alleyways are still cool, but let's find something new too), being covered with paint or dust or flour or milk or extravagant costumes, physical challenges (nudity, cold, water, climbing on things, uncomfortable surfaces, etc), dance/movement, interacting with other models, or anything that is a little out of the ordinary and fun to create.  

I'm happy to work with someone who has a concept completely planned out and will give me detailed instructions; I also love improvising, and saying "who knows if this will work, but let's just try it and see what happens!"  

Art can be a super meaningful & deep comment on something, or it can be "let's just make some cool shit", and I love both kinds.

I also genuinely enjoy modelling for the more usual kind of fashion & makeup photography.  

My favourite modelling experiences have included:

- Exploring the beautiful halls of the UTAS School of Art (when it was mostly empty, on a Sunday), naked, with an intricate image of an imp climbing in my skeleton painted on my back (photographer: Nathan Gillam, bodypaint artist: Milly Yencken)

- Climbing up rocky cliffs naked at a Tasmanian beach, bodypainted, then walking into the ocean to wash the bodypaint off (same artist & photog)

- Taking nude shots in the middle of winter on the Hobart city waterfront with the infamous sky searchlights that were part of the Dark MOFO festival (photographer: Brent Patching)

I have several years experience modelling for life drawing, both in classes/groups and for individual artists, and always received many compliments on my poses and general work as a model.  I have modelled for photographer friends and acquaintances many times as well as doing a bit of self portraiture. 

I very much enjoy being a part of a collaborative artistic process with a photographer or artist; that doesn't mean I need to always input my ideas, but I simply love being part of someone else's art, and seeing what they can create using my image, body, face, and presence as part of their medium.


M Y  L O O K

PLEASE NOTE: The design on my back in the picture to the left is BODYPAINT, not a tattoo!

My hair is now about an inch or more below shoulder length.

I like to be versatile.  I enjoy the ability to look alternative, conservative, alien, corporate, artistic, made up, natural, or whatever is needed for a particular shoot.  

To this end, I keep my hair natural coloured, I have earlobes single pierced only, and I have one small tattoo (plain black circles) down the back of my neck.  I am always happy to be covered in bodypaint, makeup, whatever is needed to achieve a particular look.  Generally I have natural body hair but am totally happy to shave/wax for a shoot.

My body type I'd describe as "soft & strong".   I'm of a medium height & size (I don't like the word "average" but it applies I suppose) clothing size 12 (although can be 10, 12 or 14 depending on the clothes brand) bust size 10E, I don't know my height measurement but I'm not tall and not short.  


M Y  A E S T H E T I C

Weird artsy shit.  High glamour.  Fashion.  Surrealism.  Au natural.  Abstract.  Hippie.   Bodypaint.  Gothic.  Alien landscape.  Whatever.  I don't care... let's just make something gorgeous, thought provoking, and/or fun!

W I L L s  &  W O N ' Ts

I do enjoy nude modelling, particularly in outdoor or unusual locations, but do need to establish a strong level of trust with a photographer before this is an option.

I don't do erotic/fetish shots; not because of any distaste for the style but because of how it would affect my reputation in my primary career.  

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